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Proprietary Production

The production section of the facility was designed mainly for the production of pressure vessels and complex pipework made of stainless materials.

Pressure vessels are manufactured using high-quality stainless materials that are bent to the desired radius using our own machine. All of the connections and couplings on the pressure vessel are executed under the supervision of an engineer. Finished pressure vessels can also be delivered to the desired location according to prior agreement.

Our production plant performs the following services:

We offer laser cutting of metal sheet using the Trumpf TruLaser 3040 fiber (TruDisk 6001 semiconductor laser).

Now, we also offer our customers metal sheet bending services using the Trumpf TruBend 5320 bending machine.

Rolling is a procedure whereby the metal is continuously pressed between two rollers that rotate in opposite directions. Our company uses a hydraulic rolling machine that comprises 4 rollers and is operated using a CNC machine.

Depending on your requirements and project design, our company can offer the welding of metals and installation supervised by a welding engineer.

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