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Piping Installation

Piping and pipe systems began developing as a simple complex of pipes in ancient history. Today, we build them into various buildings where the durability and design requirements can be very high.

Our company mainly distinguishes between stainless steel piping and ferrous material piping. We select the welding procedure based on the requirements. We mostly employ the TIG welding procedure as it allows a very high quality of welds. When it comes to thick-wall materials, we use a combination of TIG and arc welding, while we use MIG welding to produce supports and constructions.

In addition to the abovementioned procedures, we are also qualified for the complete and comprehensive arc welding of ferrous and stainless materials, autogenous welding and cutting.

When constructing piping made of ferrous materials, we perform the complete installation of boiler rooms, connected pipelines, steam pipelines, hot water pipelines and the connection of tanks. Thanks to our highly qualified personnel and activities, we are also present in all other industrial plants.

High quality execution of installation of stainless steel piping requires experienced personnel with a high level expertise. We mainly install such piping for the pharmaceutical, automotive and paint industries as well as other facilities where normal production requires stainless metals.

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