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Facilities need to be maintained in order to ensure normal workflow in the long-term. Regular maintenance ensures a longer service life of built-in equipment and at the same time eliminates many potential problems in the event of breakdowns.

Our company is involved in the maintenance of boiler rooms and thermal power stations or electricity generation and distribution facilities.

The maintenance of these types of facilities differs, and you can find a detailed description of the maintenance of each of them in the links provided below.

Regular maintenance of thermal power stations and electricity generation and distribution facilities is important for both the facility operators and maintenance providers. An unmaintained or poorly maintained facility can cause a power outage, damage or – in the worst case scenario – the destruction of the equipment built into it that is crucial for customers.

Boiler rooms are facilities where the boiler (furnace) plays a central role as it ensures sufficient heat energy for the heating of the facility and, as appropriate, also the preparation of domestic hot water. They differ with respect to the substance used for firing and the size of space they take up. The majority of boiler rooms use fuel oil, gas or solid fuels.

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