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Lifting technology

Lifting technology is a complete solution for facilities that require constant modification of the venue and seating on account of the varied schedule as well as diverse shows and events that take place there.

We determine the best suited lifting technology depending on the activities at the facility. Movable stands (seating) for spectators are usually employed for sporting facilities because they allow rapid opening and closing thanks to their innovative construction. Theatres on the other hand require movable stages on account of the shows requiring different effects.

We perform installation of simple fixed (removable) and movable sporting facility stands for spectators. Most of the stands are suited for both indoor and outdoor use. As the name suggests, simple stands are simple to use.

As a provider of complete solutions, we perform installation of movable stages for opera houses, concert and music halls. Because our clients require high performance systems, we have specialised in the installation of complex movable stages that are mostly controlled by electric motors.

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